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A Year of Goodbyes, Creativity, and Lessons!

It started with a promise and ended with some regrets; however, the regrets are fewer this time. Does that make it a grateful year then?

Oh Yes! I am grateful; though it could have been crazier had she shown some interest. After all, I found her from the stack of profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, just to say Hi!

But what I will truly remember year 2017 are the lessons it taught me; in love, career, creativity and life. And, my most important lesson of all: How to Say GoodBye!


When it comes to love, we all become poets; from snatching the stars to fighting the world, we take creative liberty to the kitchen and back on a cold Saturday night as a testimony to our love. We laugh, dance and sometimes, cry alone when the love overwhelms us. And 2017 taught me that sometimes Tears are the real personification of emotions.

Out of the lot, these two moments were very special:

  1. During My Sister’s Wedding!pablo.png
  2. My Cousin’s Callpablo (1)


Career is that carrier that carries your life forward. Making a living is as essential as living a life, and maintaining a balance is what we all seek; though, I learnt it the hard way. And the lessons that I learnt was:

  1. Your passion is raw; cook it with zeal, love, patience, and action; and if it’s unique or at a nascent stage to pay your bills, have a side business to buy you more time.pablo (2)
  1. You have to decide towards whom you want to be loyal and true. An advice: stay true to yourself first.pablo (3)


You will never get to know your creativity, unless you pick up your pen, brush, instrument or smartphone and focus on “DOING” rather than thinking.

(You can check my FB page to see the result)


Life schedules your worst news when you can handle it and best when you need it the most. Where in April, just after my sister’s wedding, it taught me the most valuable lesson of my life, it saved the best thing for the last.

  1. (Best Thing) I learned Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya. I knew about this technique since 2009, but could never muster the courage to try it once. And not only the technique, it taught me a great lesson:pablo (6)
  2. (Most Valuable lesson) My room got burnt. I lost all of my writings, novels, documents, clothes, and guitar in a blazing fire. The things I loved the most turned into ashes, just like that. I had cried in the morning during the ‘Vidai’ ceremony of my sister and that’s why that day I truly learnt, the true meaning of saying Goodbye! I saw my things (in ashes) for the last time, and with gratitude in my eyes, I felt like this:

pablo (8)

And that’s how my 2017 was. How was yours? Even if your answer is bad, don’t want to talk about it, or worst….Just close your eyes and think about any one moment that made it special in some way or the other…I hope 2018 greets you with many such moments… 😊

Happy New Year!

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