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Skepticism & Optimism

A skeptical person asked his friend,

S: Why did you visit an astrologer? Do you believe in what he says?
F: I don’t care if it’s right or wrong.
S: Then?
F: I just go there for a narcissistic pleasure. If he says good things, I appease my wailing heart of a better future.
S: What if it’s bad?
F: Then I tell my heart that it’s not our fault, it’s written! So, chuck it!
S: But it can be all rubbish!
F: I know, but as long as something is serving me, why shall I Care!
S: That’s being too optimistic about life.
F: Shouldn’t we all be?

Note – Skepticism is a good habit as it removes the negative effects of confirmation bias from our lives; but, in some situations being a optimist helps us to pass the storm without any mental stress. Both are not mutually exclusive. However, one should know how to include both in one’s life in correct proportions.

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