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Yes, Me Too!


The only incident, of the few that I had to face, that I was never able to forget during my childhood was, “Bhai badi nice chest hai teri! Chest nahi Breast!” (Bro what a nice chest you have; just like breasts) he said, followed by a spank on my chest!

I got scarred by it for the rest of my school-life. I was already a shy, an introvert and a sensible kid, and this incident even made it worse. It made me so conscious that I always felt uncomfortable in my own body.

In fact, my obesity gave a lot of people a self-proclaimed right to bark comments, and perform some gestures and actions, that made me realize that how hollow the definition of Fun is, for them. Pleasure at the cost of somebody’s self esteem.

Earlier, I thought only uneducated & uncivilized people do such things, but later when I saw some people going to the extent of harassing others by taking advantage of the surroundings, I was boiled with anger. Such a case was when one of my educated college mate told me that how he manipulated intentional touches in the disguise of jerks in a bustling bus. I was speechless.

And I think, I was wrong there. I should have told him that bro, whether you did it, or just making it up…it’s not cool. I should have, and from now on #IWill.

It’s not cool, it’s offensive and cruel!

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