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Are Memes just for Fun or something else?

In this culture of making and tagging people in memes, sometimes people go far in rearranging the context of a particular gesture, dialogue or art to elicit laughter.

Earlier it was a harmless creative act intended for fun, but now it has become a caricature for Sarcasm and Passive Aggression.

Which is again fine, to an extent.

After all, we have a right to express. Don’t we?

But sometimes, the realignment/remodeling of the context is so cruel to the original context that if you are aware about it, it elicits sadness and not the fun it was intended for.

Why sadness?

Because even though you will hear/see something, it won’t have the affect it should have had on you.

It would just result in a momentary laugh and endless tagging!

Because you missed the context.

Ps: I just saw a video yesterday, and then I saw a meme today. And the sad part is that if I had seen the meme a day before yesterday, I would have laughed and tagged, too.

But today, I couldn’t. I couldn’t because I know the context.

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