Met the love of my life!

Adult: I bought you an ice-cream.
Child: Really? Which one?

Adult: It’s your favourite! Kwality Wall’s Cornetto, Black Disk!
Child: Hnn!! Thanks! Is today your b-day?

Adult: Nopes, but I am extremely happy today as I met the love of my life!
Child got confused..

Adult: What?
Child: You met your family today!?

Adult: No, No! This is different kind of love.
Child: Oh! Tell me more about it.

Adult: Well, you feel butterflies in your stomach and on her one touch you can teleport to another world.
Child: That’s not different. I remember I felt something similar when my little sis was born and and when she grabbed my finger for the first time.

Adult: Ahh! It’s different! You will understand it when you will grow up.
Child: Hmm, may be. But I like this love more as beside the butterflies, I felt something else too.

Adult: What did you feel?
Child: I don’t know, it was a different feeling. The same I have when mom cuddles me, or when I sit on my father’s shoulders. I asked mom so she replied, “it’s LOVE”.

Adult was flabbergasted, but smiled..

Adult: Yes, it’s LOVE.

P.s: Want to learn about LOVE, sit with a child!

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