He Was Not ‘Normal’

He sits on the front seat; he disliked studies but dreaded how the others treat.
He holds his lunch near; sometimes out of embarrassment, sometimes out of fear.
He stammers till the last sentence; the paragraph ends, not the scorning nuisance.
He weeps after he reaches home; he suffered from the ‘Why everyone hates me’ syndrome.

Was it his crime that during school, he needs the washroom more than 3 times?
Was it his fault that during reading, everybody flows but he takes halts?
Was it his obesity which he whispers it is, every time he stays with his Granny?
Was it his incapability to live in this world which prefers pretentiousness to humility?

On parents’ suggestion, he showered love but failed to receive even compassion.
On his own perception, he became a snitcher but even that failed to draw the desired conclusion.
On his teachers’ threat, their laughing suppressed but he couldn’t rejoice.
On his heart’s voice, he started paying attention to his passion which proved to be a blessing in disguise.

Some years later, the old bullies were bullied by competition and peer pressure.
They were laughed at, scorned at; on their bent backs, Karma sat.
And then they understood, how he had felt during his childhood.
A thousand of children fall prey to bullyism because they defy our definition of Normal; like him.
And only unconditional love and pursuit of their passion can save them like it saved him.
But some aren’t fortunate enough, their breaths take an endless halt;
And yes, it’s Normal’s fault; it’s Pretentiousness’ fault; it’s our fault.

PS. – If you are like him with a different set of idiosyncrasies, stay strong stay unique, you are strong, they are weak.
If you are one of them, show some compassion guys.

5 thoughts on “He Was Not ‘Normal’

  1. Its shameful for d one who bullies. But a grt inspiration for d one dat don’t forget… u r a human n not a remote control. Believe in ur uniqueness n stay happy👍

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