Let’s Go to Lonavala

“You may remember a place due to many factors; but you will only cherish it if you had a great experience. And, if it has all the ingredients such as old friends, new friends, minor setbacks, adventure, awesome weather, scrumptious food and a friend who knows how to handle a DSLR, exceedingly well, to capture everything, then that trip is indeed special. Such was my first of many trips to Lonavala.”

Being placed, for your first job, away from home is a blessing in disguise, especially if you are transferred to Pune in mid of Delhi’s summer. The expression I had on landing in Pune was one of the most awesome expression I have ever had. So, after getting all the necessary things in order, from house to wires where we could hang our underclothes for drying, my friend came up with an idea of going to Lonavala. And in hindsight, it was one of the best idea ever.

It happened 4 years ago, but still while writing this I had a few tears and a huge smile. It made all of us nostalgic, and my friends who have never been to this mini heaven, Lonavala, curious. That’s what memories are there for, aren’t they? To help us relive those good times again and again. I hope you all will enjoy it. Click here to read it.

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