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The Frustrated Sheep

Once there was a sheep who was frustrated from its life.
Because it saw the murder of a fellow grass eater by a beast with wet white pointed teeth; and when she overcame the nightmares of that haunted scene, its wool was greedily snatched away. So, not only the sheep was haunted but naked too. It asked God, ‘Why did you make me a sheep? To go through life like this!?’ The God didn’t answer but manifested a small boy shivering in front of the sheep and asked, ‘would you give your wool to release it from its agony if you could?’
‘Yes!’ said the sheep. And in a second, the sheep realized that it has a purpose.

Was life unfair to the sheep by not making it a lion? Well, maybe but did it stop ‘it’ in serving a purpose, though unintentionally. Absolutely not!

So, the question is, can life be unfair to us who can become anything by just altering our habits, attitude, thoughts and perspective?

Well, ask the sheep! You will always get the answer:)

P.s – I have heard these somewhere and they always give me hope during those frustrating moments.
‘Luck can be cruel sometimes, but the end product of hardwork and sincerity is always sweet. And whatever belongs to you, will find its way home, someday.’

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