A Small Prayer to Almighty!

Sing me a song or the darkness would creep me out;

The loneliness in itself is depressing, and my body is shivering with a doubt.

Sing me a song, to let me know you care;

And at the precipice, I will have the courage to dare.

Sing me a song, to soothe my weary heart;

So it could believe more on what it already knows from the start.

Sing me a song, as it has been so long;

To let me know that I haven’t done anything wrong.

Sing me a song, as I know you could hear me cry;

As then I wouldn’t need to ask you why?

Sing me a song as I desperately need it;

As you promised you would when I ask for it.

Sing me a song, so that I can sleep in peace;

And can drape my soul with your golden fleece.

Sing me a song and the darkness will fear;

That I was right, and my God is always near.

Sing me a song, as the song itself state;

Be willing to write, and I will not let anybody steal your slate.

It assures me that the land I have ploughed won’t get eroded;

The seeds that I have patiently sowed won’t get infected;

The dreams for which I have persevered shall come true;

And which ends with, “I love you too.”

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