Love at first sight: Matheran

“Marathon!?!? Is it a place?” was the first reaction I had, when my friends told me that they have planned a trip to Matheran for my weekend trip to Pune. “I am really fascinated after seeing your Facebook check-ins and captivating pictures. Don’t disappoint me” I made my only concern (and warning:P) clear when they told me that it’s a spectacular place with no motor vehicles allowed in the vicinity. The last part really made me google it to find that it wasn’t an exaggeration.

And to be frank, I got blown away or rather, got smitten by the beauty of Matheran. Here are some of the pics and the link to my experience at Matheran. Indeed, it was Love at first sight. <The link is at the bottom>


Source: Love at first sight: Matheran


The Frustrated Sheep

Once there was a sheep who was frustrated from its life.
Because it saw the murder of a fellow grass eater by a beast with wet white pointed teeth; and when she overcame the nightmares of that haunted scene, its wool was greedily snatched away. So, not only the sheep was haunted but naked too. It asked God, ‘Why did you make me a sheep? To go through life like this!?’ The God didn’t answer but manifested a small boy shivering in front of the sheep and asked, ‘would you give your wool to release it from its agony if you could?’
‘Yes!’ said the sheep. And in a second, the sheep realized that it has a purpose.

Was life unfair to the sheep by not making it a lion? Well, maybe but did it stop ‘it’ in serving a purpose, though unintentionally. Absolutely not!

So, the question is, can life be unfair to us who can become anything by just altering our habits, attitude, thoughts and perspective?

Well, ask the sheep! You will always get the answer:)

P.s – I have heard these somewhere and they always give me hope during those frustrated moments.
‘Luck can be cruel sometimes, but the end product of hardwork and sincerity is always sweet. And whatever belongs to you, will find its way home, someday.’

Education And Graduation

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It means nothing to be a graduate if you are not getting educated in the process. Education helps to develop you as an individual, as a human being, as a parent, as a responsible citizen, as the best version of yourself  whereas graduation helps you to get a job, build a reputation and progress in your life. Both are essential.

However, in the current structure of the society, you can survive by doing your graduation and working hard. But if you want to transcend, be educated. Take informed decisions and your own opinions rather than going with the heard. After all, that is the purpose of education, to help you to be the Real and best version of YOU!

A Small Prayer to Almighty!


Sing me a song or the darkness would creep me out;

The loneliness in itself is depressing, and my body is shivering with a doubt.

Sing me a song, to let me know you care;

And at the precipice, I will have the courage to dare.

Sing me a song, to soothe my weary heart;

So it could believe more on what it already knows from the start.

Sing me a song, as it has been so long;

To let me know that I haven’t done anything wrong.

Sing me a song, as I know you could hear me cry;

As then I wouldn’t need to ask you why?

Sing me a song as I desperately need it;

And as you promised you would when I ask for it.

Sing me a song, so that I can sleep in peace;

And can drape my soul with your golden fleece.

Sing me a song and the darkness will fear;

That I was right, and my God is always near.

Sing me a song, as the song itself state;

Be willing to write, and I will not let anybody steal your slate.

It assures me that the land I have ploughed won’t get eroded;

The seeds that I have patiently sowed won’t get infected;

The dreams for which I have persevered shall come true;

And which ends with, “I love you too.”




प्रकृति का बुलावा (Nature’s Call)

घड़ी में टक टक हुए जा रही थी
धड़कन मेरी तेज़ हुए जा रही थी
न जाने क्यों मन में हलचल हो रही थी
कि आज तो कुछ काण्ड होए!

रास्ता कोई भी न नज़र आ रहा था
बेबसी का मानो समा छा रहा था
मंद मंद मेरा दिल भी अब घबरा रहा था
कि यह हर बार क्यों होए!

बारिश की छम छम आज तरसा रही थी
जान मेरी पल पल जाए ही जा रही थी
ख्याबो में बस 1 तमन्ना उमड़ रही थी
कि बस वो हासिल होए!

मौसम और ठंडा हुए ही जा रहा था
कभी पैर तो कभी पेट, मैं सहला रहा था
और अब यह दर्द मैं न सह पा रहा था
बस और न बर्दाश्त होए!

तभी गाड़ी को छोड़ मैं भागा
बारिश में भीगा-भागा
क्यों था में इतना अभागा
कि सब गलत 1 साथ ही होए!

पर फिर 1 रोशनी झिलमिलाई
मेरी सास में सास आई
शायद किस्मत ने ली थी अंगड़ाई
जो थी अबतक सोए!

देख मेरी हालत 1 आदमी मुस्कुरा रहा था
पर मेरी मंज़िल का रास्ता भी वो दिखा रहा था
और मेरा पेट अब चिल्ला रहा था
कि भाग इससे पहले काम खराब होए!


वो संतुष्टि की आह सुहानी थी
और बारिश की छम छम अब लग रही दिवानी थी
सिर्फ अंदर के गंद के निकलते ही दुनिया हसीन होने वाली थी
ऐसे कभी न सोचा होए!
क्यूंकि यह मन बड़ा बलवान है
मुश्किल में इसका चंचल होना आम है
और तब इसे जीतकर जो लड़ सके
उसी का उद्धार होए!

P.s: This poem is solely dedicated to all the public toilets, which have always helped me at difficult times:P The poem is totally based on true events. 😉 Please forgive me if I have made any spelling or grammatical error. I tried my best to recall all the rules from the Hindi classes I had in school. And last, if it has made you smile, do share it with the people who understand Hindi 😀

P.s.s: For those who don’t understand Hindi, it’s a poem in which a guy is trapped in a traffic and has to go to a Loo. And finally against all odds, he finds his solace in a public toilet:P


A Trip to Heaven: Rishikesh

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“You not only enjoy Nature because it’s serene; you do because it’s your beautiful extension.” It’s an epiphany I had while I was enduring the rapids in the mighty river GANGA at Rishikesh during White Water River Rafting.

The experience was one of its kinds; and if you haven’t done it yet, write it right now on your bucket list. However, if the aforementioned quotes are not enough to pull you out from your mundane routine to give River Rafting a try, give the following posts a read and I hope they shall do the needful.

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