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Love at first sight: Matheran

"Marathon!?!? Is it a place?" was the first reaction I had, when my friends told me that they have planned a trip to Matheran for my weekend trip to Pune. "I am really fascinated after seeing your Facebook check-ins and captivating pictures. Don’t disappoint me" I made my only concern (and warning:P) clear when they told… Continue reading Love at first sight: Matheran

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The Frustrated Sheep

Once there was a sheep who was frustrated from its life. Why? Because it saw the murder of a fellow grass eater by a beast with wet white pointed teeth; and when she overcame the nightmares of that haunted scene, its wool was greedily snatched away. So, not only the sheep was haunted but naked… Continue reading The Frustrated Sheep

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A Small Prayer to Almighty!

  Sing me a song or the darkness would creep me out; The loneliness in itself is depressing, and my body is shivering with a doubt. Sing me a song, to let me know you care; And at the precipice, I will have the courage to dare. Sing me a song, to soothe my weary… Continue reading A Small Prayer to Almighty!

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प्रकृति का बुलावा (Nature’s Call)

घड़ी में टक टक हुए जा रही थी धड़कन मेरी तेज़ हुए जा रही थी न जाने क्यों मन में हलचल हो रही थी कि आज तो कुछ काण्ड होए! रास्ता कोई भी न नज़र आ रहा था बेबसी का मानो समा छा रहा था मंद मंद मेरा दिल भी अब घबरा रहा था कि… Continue reading प्रकृति का बुलावा (Nature’s Call)

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A Trip to Heaven: Rishikesh

"You not only enjoy Nature because it's serene; you do because it's your beautiful extension." It's an epiphany I had while I was enduring the rapids in the mighty river GANGA at Rishikesh during White Water River Rafting. The experience was one of its kinds; and if you haven't done it yet, write it right now on… Continue reading A Trip to Heaven: Rishikesh