Haiku · Poetry


What is a Haiku?
It’s a Japanese poem
with syllable rules.

Rules? What kind of rules?
Well, Seventeen Syllables
in a Three line Verse.

First and Last with five,
and the middle with seven;
It’s syntax driven.

Sounds interesting!
Can I see an example?
Our conversation.

For all those who don’t know about Haiku, I think the above 4 poems (Yes, they are haiku) will give you the definition as well as the examples of it.

It’s an old form of writing poetry in Japan, but due to its syntax requirements, the attention sometimes, most of the times, gets distracted from contemplating its beauty to counting its syllables.

And I won’t blame you if you count the syllables first from now onwards, whenever a Haiku appears. But, never mind, it will grow on you. *Fingers Crossed*

As, it certainly has grown over me to an extent that these days, I am writing a Haiku on twitter, @vineetjn34, Every day! Let it be my day’s summary or a particular situation I’m in while writing it; sometimes a little philosophical and sometimes just funny.

And I am enjoying it a lot. So, I thought why not share the same with my WordPress Friends.

So, Enjoy, and do follow me on twitter to have some more of it.

A day at a Bank πŸ˜‰

pablo (24)

Or, something coming from the Heart.

pablo (23)

Something, I have always believed in.

pablo (22)

Or something just for fun. (He is not good at heart either:P)

pablo (26)

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