Happy Endings

If you are a voracious reader, from time to time, you might stumble upon a novel with the ending line as,

” They lived happily ever after.”
“He never looked back again and the rest was history.”

Aren’t they good?
Well, to most of us, Yes they are. Simply, as they open the windows of hope in our own lives.

To those, who don’t like this so called Cliche endings, would also admit that they might have found it as a weakness in the writing of the particular author, or his incapability to built a better plot or a better ending; but never would they say that it didn’t affect them at all. As I think, to them also, it gives a little bit of hope.

Not only for the protagonist, but for their lives also.

And that’s the biggest gift of reading. It not only gives us pleasure, morals, beauty, lessons, imagination, and perspective; but it also gives us “hope”.

P.s: Recently, I came across an interview from the famous author of Coraline and The Graveyard Boy, Neil Gaiman, about the benefits of reading and I couldn’t stop myself rethinking about the 2 lines above that always gave me hope or a new perspective, whenever I come across them. And I hope, it give you hope too.:)