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What’s Wrong with this World?

Well, everything is OK with the world. It’s just the attitude of its dwellers which is shifting, or frankly speaking, is going down the hill.

Here is an example.

A person “A” was laughing while sitting on a bench. It wasn’t an insane laugh, just a normal one. More of a smile, I suppose.
Oh sorry, where was I, yeah, A was smiling. Just then a person “B” passed by the bench and was totally irked.

“Why are you laughing like this?” B interrupted A with its frustration.

“Excuse me! Do I know you?” A was shocked on reception of such demeanour.

“So, you need to know me to answer me? Are you a VVIP, you superfluous ass?” B was going out of proportion.

“Hey, hey! Mind your tone.” the shock was now turning into irritation.

“Oh! You have a problem with how I speak too. Is this because of my colour, gender, orientation or what, you racist! You sexist?” B was becoming a volcano, an insane and unstable one.

“Actually it’s your attitude. I actually like laughing, it’s good for health. Do you have a problem with laughing, is everything OK?” A actually showed some concern.

“So, now you are a psychic? No, not laughing but people like you who evangelize being happy like it’s the elixir of life. Laughing for no apparent reason, and boasting your happiness around. For your knowledge, there are many people who are very sad and are OK with it. And you are making mockery of them. That’s my problem.” B actually said that.

“Are you even listening to yourself?” A was irritated but there was a little smile on his face.

“What do you mean, and remove that fucking smile of yours.” B creeped out.

“Hehe, fine! Sorry! So, let me get it straight. You are annoyed because I am happy, and apparently you are not, and you think the problem is with me” A told it with a very difficult straight face.

“Yeah! I don’t know what the problem is with everyone. People losing weight telling everyone how they did and how happy they have become; working hard to achieve something academically or in sports and encourage others to do the same. What about the Lazy Couch Potatoes? Nobody thinks about how bad they feel. May be this is what they want to do.” B explained her inexplicable behaviour.

“Oh! My bad. I didn’t know that people actually like to be unhappy, or rather I didn’t think about them. I was just enjoying my time, seeing those cut puppies there cuddling with their mom. I had a bad day, and was just overcoming my negative emotion by observing love and positive emotions around. And I was actually thankful to all those people at this point who show their kindness, fight against struggles and have character to spread motivation around. Well, until you showed up and started enlightening me that it’s actually OK to feel miserable.”

What an answer that was. B felt ashamed and left the place.

And this is exactly what is going on these days. Earlier, if someone had thrown a stone at an awesome painting, the people would have thrashed him. But now, if someone throws a stone and yells something about religion, nation, or any other sensitive topic, he will have a company of many persons supporting his cause.
And the situation is even worse, due to some propellers of truth, or whatever they call themselves these days, who telecast a part of the information and in such a “masala way” that it incites or rather confuses people.

Well, I don’t know why but it is what it is. So if you are A, then keep on enjoying the Love around and if you are B, be positive.

P.s: A and B are both humans. And it’s not their color, gender, status, which drifts them apart, but their attitude.

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