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This Time Shall Pass

To all those who are facing a tough time right now, listen, don’t worry! As this time shall pass.
Do you recall the moment which was so beautiful that you felt that your entire life is going to be like that? Where you felt like the whole Universe is with you, and nothing wrong, although you were anxious, will take place?
Well, it seems something did go wrong down the line that you are in a despicable moment right now. And it might seems that nothing right will happen, but it won’t be the first time when you would be wrong.
Something right will happen, period.
Life is like a sine wave. Everybody has to go through the agony of toughs to cherish the view from the crest. But, it requires something. Something which only you have.
And its Your Belief, that you will find your way.
Easier said than done, you might be thinking right now and indeed, you are right. But that’s where you will find yourself.
Not while you enjoy the view of success from a crest, but when you fight your battle in the agony of a tough.
I enjoyed the view, it was serene;
I enjoyed the time, for however long it was;
But it was the battle before, which made me believe
Or rather, made me able to truly enjoy them all.
P.s – May God bless us all:)

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