A small conversation between an adult and a child: A broken tooth

Child: Why are you crying?
Adult: Nothing, just an old memory.
Child: Oh! Was it really bad?
Adult: Ahh! Sort of.
Child: I can understand. I also had a bad Wednesday last week.
Adult: Why? What happened?
Child: I just fell on my face during a race.
Adult: Did it hurt?
Child: Yeah! I lost a tooth and the race, all because I didn’t tie my shoes properly.
Adult: Oh! You must be feeling bad.
Child: Naah! I am happy now as I won the next race on Thursday, as this time the shoes were properly tied.
Adult: Great! But the teeth?
Child: Mom said that it will return and girls find me cuter with a missing tooth. Moreover, she also said that it was a temporary one and has served its purpose.
Adult: *After realizing, with a smile* Indeed, it has.

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