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What’s wrong with this world?

Well, everything is OK with the world. It's just the attitude of its dwellers which¬†is shifting, or frankly speaking, is going down the hill. Here is an example. A person "A" was laughing while sitting on a bench. It wasn't an insane laugh, just a normal one. More of a smile, I suppose. Oh sorry,… Continue reading What’s wrong with this world?

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Monday Motivation #1

Sometimes when everything seems to be uphill, even a little piece of advice, a random image, a quote from an author, or a scene from a movie can do wonders in rekindling your fire to deliver your best. Just keep your eyes and minds open. Always remember the words of my one of my favourite… Continue reading Monday Motivation #1

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This Time Shall Pass

To all those who are facing a tough time right now, listen, don't worry! As this time shall pass. Do you recall the moment which was so beautiful that you felt that your entire¬†life is going to be like that? Where you felt like the whole Universe is with you, and nothing wrong, although you… Continue reading This Time Shall Pass

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A small conversation between an adult and a child: A broken tooth

Child: Why are you crying? Adult: Nothing, just an old memory. Child: Oh! Was it really bad? Adult: Ahh! Sort of. Child: I can understand. I also had a bad Wednesday last week. Adult: Why? What happened? Child: I just fell on my face during a race. Adult: Did it hurt? Child: Yeah! I lost… Continue reading A small conversation between an adult and a child: A broken tooth