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Have you taken your daily Motivational Bath?

You didn’t?

Well, don’t blame others if they could smell the peculiar odour of your regrets, disappointments and failures. Yes, it is easily noticeable. But more than the others, let’s worry about someone more important, YOU!!

So, why do we take a bath daily (usually we all do, with the exception of many students in hostels:P)?

To look Fresh!! “Yeah, but me more specific”

We have been taught so!! “Yeah, but why”

To not smell bad and for Health Benefits!! “Yeah, now we are getting some honest answers”

Basically, it’s a necessity for your health. However, the same is not felt with Motivation when it is equally important. What Bath does to your Physical Health, Motivation does to your Mental Health or more specifically, to you “Attitude”. Bath removes the dirt from your body, whereas Motivation removes the dirt from your mind.

“Dirt from your mind??”

Yeah, dirt. The feelings of disappointments, failures, regret, guilt, giving up, suicidal tendencies or the daddy of all, depression are the dirt that needed to be washed away everyday before they get too intimate with your mind. As the longer they stick, the longer they will lick away your positivity.

I think by now it’s certain that you need Motivation everyday. But what exactly Motivation is? Is it a success story of some famous entrepreneur, or the famous speech by Rocky in Rocky Balboa? They are but they are not. They will instigate a feeling, but what that feeling does inside you will decide whether they are your Motivation or not.

Your Motivation is that thing which shall keep you going, regardless of what is happening around you. It can be a dream, it can be movie which resonates with your life, it can be your idol, it can also be your discipline or it can be a set of quotations. Anything which can make you feel that you can achieve everything. That is your Motivation. For some their love and faith is their Motivation, for some their revenge is their Motivation. For some to prove their point is, for some just to live their happily is the ultimate motivation and so on. Take a moment and think, what’s yours??

And once, you found it, make a discipline to take it everyday to make your life better and odour free.

P.s: For removing the bad odour, we sometimes prefer deodorant over water, but we know that its not good for our body. The same way, Motivation can be obtained in the form of revenge, and sometimes it might seems to be the only way to push yourself forward, but just a piece of advice; it’s not good for your heart and mind. Use it, convert it into something aesthetic but as soon you can, let it go and find a positive Motivation to live your life with.

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