Happy Independence Day: Un-shackle your Mind

Live Your Dreams

Feelings of patriotism are engulfing the sky,
Let your soul be free and soar very high;
Independence is a feeling you shall get Connect within,
And it is represented by colours: Saffron, White and Green.

We shall remember this always that Freedom was not free. We have already lost many freedom fighters and soldiers as its fee. Thereby,

Remember the souls that we had lost,
And that Freedom of thoughts has taken its cost;
So, take a leap of faith with Strength and Belief,
Connect with your Heart, and achieve of what you truly believe.

As only when you live fully, the true essence of independence blossoms.
Happy 69th Independence Day to all of you.:):)


A Small Conversation between an Adult and a Child

Child: Why you adults are always busy?
Adult: We are busy in understanding ourselves.
Child: What do you all want to understand?
Adult: Where the child inside us has gone?
Child: You have everything, then why you want to be a child?
Adult: Because we want to be Happy. Genuinely Happy‬.
Child: Why aren’t you Happy?
Adult: Because happiness can only be felt, not understood.
Child: I don’t get it!
Adult: That’s the point!

Love Should Never Go Unnoticed

Some people face problem in expressing love, some people face a problem in perceiving, but the real dilemma comes when they both are in a relation. The dilemma of not seeing what the heart believes to be true. And hence, sometimes the love goes unnoticed.

These so-called relations could be between lovers, friends, father-son, siblings and so on. Where you can feel it, but can’t see it. And the best way to save the love is to do more what the other is facing a problem with.

If he/she is facing problem in showing love, show more from your side so he could he/she could open. And if he/she can’t perceive it, perceive his/her love more as there would be a tendency of him/her holding back. So whatever is coming just amplify it with your love.

Just trust your heart… As when it comes to love, you can’t put a logic to it, and it should never go unnoticed. :-):-)