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Are you living a life like Chibo?

No matter which field we choose, the comparison always comes and hampers our peace of mind. Why the grass is greener on the other side, is always the concern in everybody’s mind. But is it really greener? Or, it just seems so?

From the onset of winning the sperm race, Who Will Reach The Egg First, we are in a constant state of comparison. Earlier, it was with our siblings for the parent’s love, but later, it was with everyone else for something or the other. It’s like a race which had been perfectly demonstrated in the movie 3 Idiots by Boman Irani’s character, Virus. But where is the finish line? Or, I should rather say, is there a finish line?

Well, there are many philosophies by many great minds, who have ever lived, to solve this mystery for the rest. However, it is surprising that almost every philosophy is a little different from the other. But do you know what’s amazing? Many of them, if not all, have worked at least for one person.

Whenever someone declared something to be impossible, the Universe inspires someone to make it possible in some way. For instance, someone said that Men are not meant to fly or else God would have given them wings. We are grateful to Wright Brothers that they didn’t give a shit about this. In physics, scientists are still struggling to find a universal force that would combine the laws of classical and quantum physics together. Similarly, the search for a universal philosophy is still dwindling with the minds of the thinkers.

But what if, the Universe doesn’t want itself to be understood? What if, it only wants to be felt through living? As, what is the point of understanding something if it has been given for living and is constantly changing?

You might be thinking, what the hell is wrong with Ataraxis today? From comparison and peace of mind, why he changed his lane to the Universe?

Yeah, I did as it was important to open certain taps of your mind before I could share the following story.

The story is of Chibo, who was planted in a new nursery. He was the first of his kind there and broke the ice easily with the other saplings in just a few days. But as the time passed on, the situation changed. The other saplings were growing way faster than him. He was trying very hard, but instead of his height, only his roots very growing.

Some of the other saplings, which were now grown up, showed their sympathy towards his inability to grow. Some just made the mickey out of him. And to be true, he was under a lot of stress.

“Why God Why? Why this injustice with me?” he cried
To which the God said, ” Don’t worry my child, your time shall come. Just have faith. Just do what you can do the best”

Chibo was sad, but somehow he believed and started growing his roots deeper.

5 years went away, but he still believed and kept on working on himself and then suddenly one day, he felt something inside his body. He felt stronger than before. He felt better than before and within next few months, he rose higher than any other saplings out there. The others called it a Miracle, but only he knew what it really was.

It was faith, that if I have been given birth by God, my time shall come.

It was a belief that if I keep on working on myself, one day that Miracle would happen because I was designed in this way only by the Universe.

It was Chibo’s destiny. The destiny of a Chinese Bambo plant. Or, I could say it’s nature’s way of teaching you something about yourself. Something about Life.

Just like Chibo, you might be facing a tough time right now. But don’t worry about your height (success), just work on your roots ( craft/dreams/value/business), and when the time comes,

C’mon, do I have to say it, your height will be taken care of.

Universe doesn’t want to be understood completely, but it has left hints behind.
Why so?
Well, so that whenever it want to inspire someone, it can do it easily with the help of everything it has already given to us in the form of our surroundings i.e Nature.

Just remember, we are different from each other and so are our destinies. So just like Chibo, grow your roots, no matter what the other saplings feel about you. Don’t compare yourself with them. They don’t know that you might be a Chinese Bambo, who will touch the sky one day.

Stay Blessed!!

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