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Why Don’t We Talk Anymore?

It was 6 o’clock on a Monday morning, and bamm.
My stupid stern alarm woke me up.
But just before the second hand cut complete its marathon on the 5th lane, the parallel world has invoked a feeling inside.

Yes, the world of dreams. The place where EGO, the Conscience Mind and the feeling of looking awkward while showing your true self, find itself unworthy of.

And the realization arose “Why don’t we talk anymore?”

Well, many people say that dreams are just illusions our mind creates. Some say it’s a message from the other world, whereas some believe it’s just our subconscious mind having its time of the day.

As in the rest, our mind is full of moral right or wrong, social right or wrong, right or wrong according to our ego, and the best one, why me first?.

What has gone so drastically wrong that without having any big reason to ponder over, things just went the way they did?
And quite frankly, when you ask this question (if), the answer is ambiguous.

You to that person: why don’t we talk anymore the way we did…?? What happened?
That person : nothing, as in I don’t know.
You: is that the reason (some weird reason out from the book named Being Paranoid )?
That person: No, I seriously don’t know, I thought some reason (again from the same book )
And there you go.. No reason at all, but the relation got torn apart.

But we are wrong here. At least Newton would have got offended by my “no reason” statement.
As he famously stated his 2 law of motion, the body in motion would remain in motion until being challenged by some outer force, so when a relation was rolling harmoniously, then how come it not only got interrupted but sometimes even take a u-turn??

I think, Yes, it’s entirely my opinion, that when the outer force is not as tangible as a big stone, we seem to ignore its effect.

Let me give you an analogy.Suppose you are cycling happily, paddling all the way with effort and intention, but suddenly you got distracted by something.

You stopped paddling in the thought of that distraction, and suddenly our cycle came to rest. You suddenly realized that the cycle isn’t moving anymore and what the hell, where did this road came from?

Now, with a cycle and road we can determine that it has stopped or where and when you went wrong, but in life the case is different.

We never give proper attention to the four most important things. –
The distraction
The lost effort
The curvaceous road
And the invisible force (friction)

The distraction is the thing that triggered a loss in the effort (in the company of a repulsive force (friction) and the evergreen nature of the road of life being made by destiny).
Now the road is going to be curvaceous (life is very creatively drawn) , and the friction (of -ve thoughts, or getting paranoid) always plays its role.

The distraction is also inevitable, but it’s the loss in effort that was the cause behind the cycle coming to a stop.

When we say I don’t know what happened, here’s what actually happens.
A thing, might be small or big, causes a distraction, which results in getting paranoid.

Without getting to the depth or confessing we come to a conclusion that yes, this, Some reason, is The Reason.

Then comes the bedlam of people blabbing something and something, which acts as the friction and there we go,

We stop peddling.
We stop making an effort.

And when our heart intervene, we just say why me?? I haven’t done anything wrong.

Let him/her take the first step. I am hurt already.

And the first step is never taken from either side.

Sometimes the riff is only from one side, but then again any relation cannot go on smoothly when one wheel doesn’t want to go along with pure intention and not just any obligation.

And slowly and slowly, the innocence of a relation fades away…..

Well, I wrote a lot about confessing in a previous post and the importance it holds.
So whenever the question arises, “why don’t we talk anymore?” at least take a pause and think about it.

And if you think the only thing it requires is some effort, then you are a better person to take that decision for your life.
As life is quite complicated, and if we can get through it with a handful of good and true relations, it would really be Legen—wait for it.— dary.

P.s- Remove what he or she said about him or her, clear the air yourself. Otherwise the bedlam would cause you something important.

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