Sabse Bada hai Rog,kya kahenge log

”zindagi me kuch naya ni karunga””(won’t do anything new)

“”kyunki pta nahi log kya kahenge”(as I don’t know what would they say)

This line has spoilt, God knows, how many lives, ideas, people. I want to do that, but would I get societies acceptance??I want to marry a girl of different Religion/caste/colour, would they allow??

I sleep with my parents in their room, what my friends would think about me??They will tease me….

I want to be a painter, but they say go for engineering..

Well, all of us face something or the other like this, sometime in our lives . And most of us take the path against our conscience, against our will, thinking, just for the societies’ sake.

But we forget one thing. That they will find out something or the other  to say.

“log to kehte rahenge ,unka kam hai kehna”(they will keep on barking ,no matter what).

No matter what you do, they would always have something in store to disparage you, humiliate you and guiding you to a way of living ,they are pursuing.

So if you want to listen to someone, listen to him whose way of living inspires you. As our thoughts play a huge part in our story towards success. Everyone has a story of their own. Some of them live it and tell, and the rest are busy in just hearing what others think about them. Someone has rightly said-“

“What others think of you is none of your business.”

 Be true to you, As in this result oriented society, Nobody gives a fuck to effort, to the dream(until they come true). If you have one, you are fortunate….Go and Pursue it.

History is a witness of all the people who have followed their hearts. They are the same people towards whom you turn, for inspiration. Everybody takes a trumpet and plays  the victory songs of these people, some non believers or critiques call it Luck, but if you hear those people themselves ,it’s a different story altogether.

It took a sickening, exuberating, astronomical, Work ethic, and belief to climb the Everest. Even when the dogs were barking, they have their earplugs on, with the jack rooted right inside their heart. They had a  belief that they could fly over the cliff, they believed that they could overcome a life, which seems too stiff. And Guess what, THEY DID.

Just choose what you like to do, give your best shot, and everything else would be taken care of.

When Sachin opted to play cricket, there wasn’t much money in it, the role of media was very limited. No big cheques from Endorsement companies or BCCI.But still he loves it and followed it. The non-Believers might have told him to go for engineering, medical, which were coming at that time. But he had his Earplugs on. And today, just the name says for itself.

And icing on the cake, ”Bharat Ratna”.

That’s what happens, when you listen to yourself instead of the clueless society, who just in the name of convention, traditions ,Barks.

Do what you Believe in, As Dreams Do come true only if you really want them too…J

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