A soldier : breed of unsung heroes

He Closed his eyes,
And Kissed her deep,
Its Time to go ,
Not to stay and weep.
A whole world stays behind,
Behind a brave back,
And he chooses to go forward,
Doesn’t fear, of getting sack.
Gym can make your body,
But it takes more of a heart,
He has it, has it all,
Still somehow manages the emo part.
Sacrifices are his accessories,
Courage is his armour,
Scars are the intense art,
Which gives his body, a touch of glamour.
He won’t tremble tearing a chest,
But a paper could tear him apart,
Yet those papers are his souvenirs,
No more a letter, but a part.
Diwali, full of bullets and explosions,
Holi, a carnival of blood,
In midst of enjoying this festivals,
He also becomes a bridge at times of flood.
He gets up each day,
And thanks for his loved ones, as tomorrow he might not get the chance,,
And each time before going out,
He gives those souvenirs a glance.
And den he closes his eyes,
And kisses them deep,
And says-” it’s time to go, not to stay and weep”.

Yes, such is the life of the breed of humans ,known as Soldiers.They are indeed the unsung heroes,whose tales are never being told with much emphasis.

They grow without fear,
they wont shy to die,
when many a souls are deep in their sleeps,
they left,with a few to cry…

I couldn’t even think, of losing a dear one, and there are Families who sent their only child, to War. Not for them but for us. Hats Off To them…Respect!!
But still when i hear that some soldiers have lost their life, and the reaction of government, so normal as if it’s a daily affair, it hurts…..It really does.
We have big hearts and big, deep, abysmal pockets for the ones who bring glory for the country but not for those, who bring security.
But do you know what, whatever i think about them , not getting what they deserve etc etc., doesn’t even hold any relevance for them, the soldiers. As i think ,they are getting what they Want.

To Serve,what they Call their Mother,
To Die,to save their Mother,
To Get wrapped up in her,when they Die,
and that’s how they show,how much they love their Mother.
That much love they have,for Their country,Our Country.

When we all have a dream at night ,to go to Switzerland with our spouse, Disneyland with our kids,
guess what!
someone is up all night in cold places Like Siachin, sitting at a cold peak with his armour pointed out,just to save Our asses from the bloody terrorists.
So,I think we all at least owe them, a Genuine Thanks for doing what they do.And 2 minutes of Silence,For those who Left before we could even thank them.
And the next time you hear about a War,don’t just Pray a Win,but instead Pray For all the souls,who might loose their lives ,due to someone else’s bad intentions or Differences.
Gratitude has a Power,which returns manifolds.Who knows by doing this,we generate the same love they have for the country,for our motherland,in us.And Secondly,wherever they are,they would feel nice,to see that what they did,was meant more than something for all of us.

For All the Soldier —– ” Salute”

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