Sabse Bada hai Rog,kya kahenge log

”zindagi me kuch naya ni karunga””(won’t do anything new)

“”kyunki pta nahi log kya kahenge”(as I don’t know what would they say)

This line has spoilt, God knows, how many lives, ideas, people. I want to do that, but would I get societies acceptance??I want to marry a girl of different Religion/caste/colour, would they allow??

I sleep with my parents in their room, what my friends would think about me??They will tease me….

I want to be a painter, but they say go for engineering..

Well, all of us face something or the other like this, sometime in our lives . And most of us take the path against our conscience, against our will, thinking, just for the societies’ sake.

But we forget one thing. That they will find out something or the other  to say.

“log to kehte rahenge ,unka kam hai kehna”(they will keep on barking ,no matter what).

No matter what you do, they would always have something in store to disparage you, humiliate you and guiding you to a way of living ,they are pursuing.

So if you want to listen to someone, listen to him whose way of living inspires you. As our thoughts play a huge part in our story towards success. Everyone has a story of their own. Some of them live it and tell, and the rest are busy in just hearing what others think about them. Someone has rightly said-“

“What others think of you is none of your business.”

 Be true to you, As in this result oriented society, Nobody gives a fuck to effort, to the dream(until they come true). If you have one, you are fortunate….Go and Pursue it.

History is a witness of all the people who have followed their hearts. They are the same people towards whom you turn, for inspiration. Everybody takes a trumpet and plays  the victory songs of these people, some non believers or critiques call it Luck, but if you hear those people themselves ,it’s a different story altogether.

It took a sickening, exuberating, astronomical, Work ethic, and belief to climb the Everest. Even when the dogs were barking, they have their earplugs on, with the jack rooted right inside their heart. They had a  belief that they could fly over the cliff, they believed that they could overcome a life, which seems too stiff. And Guess what, THEY DID.

Just choose what you like to do, give your best shot, and everything else would be taken care of.

When Sachin opted to play cricket, there wasn’t much money in it, the role of media was very limited. No big cheques from Endorsement companies or BCCI.But still he loves it and followed it. The non-Believers might have told him to go for engineering, medical, which were coming at that time. But he had his Earplugs on. And today, just the name says for itself.

And icing on the cake, ”Bharat Ratna”.

That’s what happens, when you listen to yourself instead of the clueless society, who just in the name of convention, traditions ,Barks.

Do what you Believe in, As Dreams Do come true only if you really want them too…J


Let it Go

I had been asked to Wait,
at least i felt so,
But sometimes some-things aren’t meant to happen,
and you just have to LET IT GO.
whether its your latest dream,
or someone you loved,
it needs a bigger heart,
to say BYE to someone/something beloved.
Should i try one more time??,
oh please!!
one more time, Please!
Its everything to me,
without it ,there is a dis-ease.
Oh yes !we should
Otherwise it would go down as a regret,
But then,sometimes there do comes a point,
when you have to forget.
Well, i dont know how this post would go on, as this feeling is something, i cant express well in words.Its just a feel which comes to you only when you truly loves something/someone .But something doesn’t feel to be right.
And after a certain point of time you feel ,that the feeling of love is at its optimum level but still ,the pain is going on and on and on.
You would say that yes there is Pain in love,but something as beautiful as Love ,should be enlightening ,motivating and above else ,happy not depressing. But as human beings we have an old habit,of repenting,finding ourselves at guilt,and always looking at the half empty part of the glass.We just cant help it.Its like in our blood.
But then if something is as beautiful,then why to Let it Go????
Why not grab it ,with everything you have??
Well yes,you are right and we all do that , isn’t it.?? we all try to hold that thing/ person close to us,as tightly as we could, but still, when that point is reached , it starts to seep away.
The closer you try to get, the farer it tends to go. just like sand , water and air. the more we try to catch it in our hands, the more it seeps away.
But then the question arises, why???
 if something was  meant to Go, why had it came in the first place.??

they say that a dream is that thing, which cannot be broken easily….and if it does, it’s not a dream….then how could you say to let go of a  dream….??

and how do you think that Letting it go would help??? atleast i have that thing/person , may be not entirely but still.
Well, yes you are right in many ways. and the questions arose, are totally relevant. Just the persepective has to be shifted by an inch or two, to get a clearer picture.
Before answering the three questions, i would like to share why its important. Why we all need to let it go sometimes, as you would only prefer to know the answers, after knowing ,why they are important.
Firstly and most importantly what does ” let it Go” actually means??? Well, it means what it means literally, just the context makes it a little more complicated along with many subtexts attached.
Does it just means to forget about everything ??? “Definitely not.”

Does it means to become ignorant about your feelings? “Exactly the opposite..”
or does it means acceptance and being observant of the things going inside???
 ” now we are getting somewhere”
Let us take some examples, to understand it…
How many of you have been involved in one sided Love????:P
Or in a relationship, where the better half just doesn’t feel better, no matter what you do??
Hehe, i know most of us. As when it comes to Love, we all have an instrument known as heart, which resonates on the tuning of ” l o v e “. . But, to each have its own standard tuning. Which causes a discord or in our terms one sided love or platonic relationship.
It becomes an open window, which swings by its pivot .When the wind open it for the beautiful sunlight to come in, we feel like we are in heaven, but when it gets shut, the suffocation snatches away whatever oxygen we have. And the coin of hope and pain keeps on swinging.
And what we do in such cases??? we either get possessive, get angry, take some foolish step(ahhh, don’t do such things), or keep on hurting us (or the other person too)in name of something which is so pure and so beautiful.,LOVE.
Love should not be like catching the bird you desire in a Cage, it’s like letting it go in the sky, and having the belief, that if this Love is meant to be, then someday, it will choose you and even if not, then your love is very happy in the sky, and you did what you could do best in that situation.
In the starting you may feel, that you have lost something, but in its true sense, you would get something.As the Love for the bird in a cage is not Love, it’s just like satisfying your ego.
So, look deep inside to find what it is. As we misunderstand many a things as love. in fact ” true love” 😛
and after finding out what it is, just do what is needed from your side. Just like it’s important to open the cage , before the bird could fly, the same way, it’s important to let your feelings come outside . Don’t trap them inside or it will rot you from inside. and it’s those feelings that we have to let go. The person might come along with them, just like the bird who chooses you instead of the sky, but even if its not, you would get free too.
And too all my friends who think we fall in love just one time, well if you are with that ” one”, then yes,,, but if you are not, then let that old feelings go, you would find Love again. Love is bound to develop when it is free, not when its trapped.
Now the second one,, your dream……

a dream that gets  shatters easily is not a dream…
..and friends this is true…. and sorry as if you are thinking of letting it Go,then either you are letting fear intervene, or it wasn’t your dream . you just thought it to be.
well if it’s the first case, and that is the only thing you ever wanted to do, then dont give up on it…. may be right now it would look appropriate, but later someday in your life, it would go down as a regret. and regrets are the worst thing that we would want to carry with us to our graves. And if you are at a position where an altercation , to give up or try one more time is going on, try one more time. As sometimes some things in life are just not meant to be, but then how could we know that??The only way to know that is by trying, by giving your best shot, giving everything you have. And if even then it doesn’t turns out, think again. I believe that if its truly your dream, you would enjoy even trying for that, and you would get it someday.
Failures are there just to make us realize, that what’s our particular dream is about. Whether it’s a particular destination we seek, or a journey we want to have. If it’s about the destination , it’s just  God’s way of showing us a different path, but if it’s the journey, it’s just his way of telling us, to pack our bags, tighten our belts , and to go more higher, by trying more harder.
So whenever a dream fails, introspect of what you really want. What your heart is craving out for and not what your ego is seeking for….. As ego is like a greed which would never be satisfied, and heart is the need , that would make you feel gratified. So, think again, as after all, you are not the same person who had dreamt that first dream, and if you think you don’t enjoy it any more, then it’s better to let it Go. As you won’t be able to persist if you don’t love it. Again Love is the fuel that any big dream needs. 
Decide what the problem is. if it’s the fear, then shove your leg in its ass, but if you don’t longer enjoy pursuing it…. it’s better to make a new dream and let the old one go. And yes this time, let your heart decide.
As Steve Jobs said-
“Our heart always knows, that the dots would connect somewhere in the future.” 
and the Life is meant living only when you are Happy.
I think in these examples i have answered the last two questions.

but still the question remains, why it has come in the first place if we have to let it go ….????
ahmmm, when i was 4-5 years old , i fell from the stairs and my face smacked the floor. All of my incisors started wobbling and it pained like hell. I went to a dentist and he took out two of my incisors. I cried all night that I have lost my 2 teeth, ignorant to the fact, that they would have fallen anytime sooner or later.
 To which my mom consoled me that they had come to make you ready for the permanent ones.
 I questioned her, that why we don’t have the permanent ones from the starting.? to which she replied, that God wants us to learn the importance of the permanent ones by giving and then taking away the weaker temporary ones. And i think the same happens in the bigger context too..
If we shift our perception from the thing/ person to our self, we would notice a remarkable change in ourselves (our personality and thinking). And that is the purpose of the things/person that come and left us after sometime. To teach us, to grow us and to nurture us in a way….And as they have played their role, they were meant to play, in our lives, they just leave. Yes, sometimes just like that. And we have to deal with it, with a brave heart and unbreakable faith.
So, on this note i would like to conclude this post (already very long:P), and would ask you to introspect and free yourself from any feelings, that is cuffing your soul from inside. In short Let it Go, as a beautiful and happy life is waiting for you on the other side of the river, but the boat in between asks you to let those unhealthy, depressing, and trapped feelings Go.
“Just think about it………………… May god bless us all”:)

3 phases of Life

I felt like i was the king of the World and then ,

there was a twist in the tale,
left me grimming ,sulking on ground,
my moon turned blue,
and i started feeling pale…..

I tried ,but of no use,
and sometimes i do blame it as
universe’s ruse,

I stood up somehow,
but falling resists
I tried it one more time,
but pattern persists,

felt like betrayed by my own shadow,
or was it me all along??
such critical is introspect,
specially,with no believe within…

but such are his plan,
such are his play,
you sometimes have to be lost,
to find your way,

amidst of all the enticing and pleasure,
i did forgot the difference,
between green paper and treasure.

and den came the phase,
that changed the ending of my tale,
I did get up once again,
but this time ,i hailed.

And all did is looked inside,
and found what he made me of,
my shadow became my friend again,
and all the darkness of doubt just fucked off.

It was just a matter of Yes and No,
and discovering something ,
that you never knew.

As the five fingers of our hands are different and unique,the same goes with the different phases of life.Some good, Some Bad,Some worst.Some awesome and some simply put,most of the phases of or life are quite objectified.either on the result,or on your desires or some other believes etc etc.Based on who you are,what you do,there can be many a phases in your life.

Now, i always talks about how you should always follow your dreams,no matter what the circumstances may be.And i know most of us try our level best too.But quite often,something happens.

Something bad…....

Now, what this “Bad” is…
What is stopping us from achieving our dreams????

Well, according to me it happens at a certain phase of our life.But to understand that phase,that “road less travelled by”,let us go from somewhere we are quite familiar of.

I have categorized the phases in 3 parts.yes only 3.

There can be more,but i think these three would summarize them.

I phase-” I am the king of the World”

Yes ,it is the first phase,”win’.I know you might be thinking ,shouldn’t it be the last phase in chronological order??After all win is the ultimate thing we all seek.

But guys its often the first step when put right or feel right.That sets you in course of your journey.And i call it a win,provided many of us are keep circling around and around in wrong tracks.Nature has a positve and a powerfull tool,that most of the times push us in course of our journies.Either due to some need,by chance,due to someone else(in case of guys mostly to spent time/or to impress girls)etc etc…We call it as “Begginers luck”.I call it natures way of triggering our apetites.

Every thing makes sense, you get compliments,you start to feel that you have reached where you belong etc etc. in short King of the World., as the result is happy. you feel happy and complacent……and then come twist in the tale…………….i.e 

II phase……………

Something………..Something bad……..

yes, the II phase is Something we all term as failure. Well for me failure is something else.So lets call this thing as “Something”.. for a while.You might also have used this word before…..

Like something is bad , something is wierd , something is wrong,,,,,

Remember any instance from your life,when you quoted like–“Man everything was going fine,but then something happend”.
yes ,i am talking about that somthing,

That something which makes us vulnerable,
that something which snatches our happiness,
that something which let people say,that wake up,dream is over,blah blah blah…and the famous line ” Face the reality” and blah blah blah….shit….blah blah blah………..

You slowly and slowly starts to loose your temper,your ethics,your moral,your identity,and almost evrything that you were enjoying in the first phase……and then sometimes the inevitable happens…..

yes….you loose your dream…………

In most people’s life,this phase comes even before the first phase.The people surrounding you(The society),starts singing —

its was fate,
it was luck,
the stars and previous birth sins,
were the reasons you got fucked….

and we being quite the followers,or quite lost (how we usually term ourself),,,start following or accepting things. i now its a bad feeling..but most of us get lost during the II phase itself.

“why???? why you did it to me????””
 is all we scream………….

But it happens ,”shit happens”….,so what should we do then??
should we lower arms,accept whatever is happening ,and just ask God to do miracles???

Hehe, most of us even dont ask for the latter part,as somehow deep within,we hold him responsilbe for all the troubles we are up against.
and soon we accept whatever happening around us as our fate.

And surprisingly,we starts to feel better instantly.Afterall all the chirrping,hussles,long hours of craving and perspiring for something is gone.But is it how its suppose to happen??

When we see other people achieving their aims,dreams,via facebook,twitter,blogs,Newspapers,we tend to say ahhhhhhhhhh.they are the “LUCKY” slot,they were at the right place at the right time,would have done something illegal,or would have some Jack, and so on…..
but the line that hurts the most is—

“ahhhh, it was my dream too….”,i should have been there ,instead of him….

This line hurts the most of the lot…

But then we think what could we do???They are Different ,we think…

But the matter of fact is,they were the lot who were couragious neough to go for the III phase,and had pateince….

III – Just a matter of yes and no….

Yes ,they just said YES and no ,and it made all the differece.
they said Yes to what their inner voice was telling and No to what the others were babbling. Afterall its your life isnt it???they looked inside themselves,decipher what their heart was beating for,, and then shut out all the noises coming from surroundings.It was a tedious task ,but they did it.

While gouing through phase II,everybody gets on your back,tries to guide you to their way of life,some selfish pigs tries to make mickey of you,and everyone presents you with a set of figures and facts and things they term as “truth”.


and when you lok around,you see almost everybody is following it,but is it what your heart is saying???

I know , i know ,you are down,rather frustrated.Its quite natural that loses seems more bitter after you tasted success.But man ,if you stop listening to yourself who would???

nobody ever said,life would be fair,but neither did anyone said,it wont be rewarding….

Most of the people ,who are right now at the epitome of their lives,were either born very poor,had a dysfunctional family,scary childhood,lots of those “somethings”,but still they resisted the temptation of saying yes to situations and no to themselves.

Mind you its not easy,but Its Worth it…..afterall,some destinations and journeys are really worth it…..

You would be going against the assertive thinking of the society….they will call you madd,despise you at your back,keep pulling you down by saying you are going wrong.But dont let your hearts belief on you fail.
Keep on working,saying yes to your heart and no to the society….

Saying yes to your dreams,and no to their so called reality,,,,
Saying yes to hope and no to fear…

Soon ,your shadow i.e your self believe would become your truest friend,,and the layer of doubt withn,gets dissapear.And one day you would not only get there,but the journey would become an inspiring story for others to follow.And soon,following dreams would become the new reality….

Never let the complacency of Acceptance stop you from going where your heart is telling you to..As if river refuses to flow,fearing it would hit rocks along the way,,it will soon become a lakeand self guilt would make it a dump in future.and it would loose its identity forever…

As Buddha ji sai- “believe nothing ,no matter where you read itmor who said itmno matter if i have said it,unless it agrees with your soul.”

Have a belief,is all what life wants from you.Enter the III phase.the Most beautiful phase of your life,as II phase is already very crowded.

May God Bless us all……:)

A soldier : breed of unsung heroes

He Closed his eyes,
And Kissed her deep,
Its Time to go ,
Not to stay and weep.
A whole world stays behind,
Behind a brave back,
And he chooses to go forward,
Doesn’t fear, of getting sack.
Gym can make your body,
But it takes more of a heart,
He has it, has it all,
Still somehow manages the emo part.
Sacrifices are his accessories,
Courage is his armour,
Scars are the intense art,
Which gives his body, a touch of glamour.
He won’t tremble tearing a chest,
But a paper could tear him apart,
Yet those papers are his souvenirs,
No more a letter, but a part.
Diwali, full of bullets and explosions,
Holi, a carnival of blood,
In midst of enjoying this festivals,
He also becomes a bridge at times of flood.
He gets up each day,
And thanks for his loved ones, as tomorrow he might not get the chance,,
And each time before going out,
He gives those souvenirs a glance.
And den he closes his eyes,
And kisses them deep,
And says-” it’s time to go, not to stay and weep”.

Yes, such is the life of the breed of humans ,known as Soldiers.They are indeed the unsung heroes,whose tales are never being told with much emphasis.

They grow without fear,
they wont shy to die,
when many a souls are deep in their sleeps,
they left,with a few to cry…

I couldn’t even think, of losing a dear one, and there are Families who sent their only child, to War. Not for them but for us. Hats Off To them…Respect!!
But still when i hear that some soldiers have lost their life, and the reaction of government, so normal as if it’s a daily affair, it hurts…..It really does.
We have big hearts and big, deep, abysmal pockets for the ones who bring glory for the country but not for those, who bring security.
But do you know what, whatever i think about them , not getting what they deserve etc etc., doesn’t even hold any relevance for them, the soldiers. As i think ,they are getting what they Want.

To Serve,what they Call their Mother,
To Die,to save their Mother,
To Get wrapped up in her,when they Die,
and that’s how they show,how much they love their Mother.
That much love they have,for Their country,Our Country.

When we all have a dream at night ,to go to Switzerland with our spouse, Disneyland with our kids,
guess what!
someone is up all night in cold places Like Siachin, sitting at a cold peak with his armour pointed out,just to save Our asses from the bloody terrorists.
So,I think we all at least owe them, a Genuine Thanks for doing what they do.And 2 minutes of Silence,For those who Left before we could even thank them.
And the next time you hear about a War,don’t just Pray a Win,but instead Pray For all the souls,who might loose their lives ,due to someone else’s bad intentions or Differences.
Gratitude has a Power,which returns manifolds.Who knows by doing this,we generate the same love they have for the country,for our motherland,in us.And Secondly,wherever they are,they would feel nice,to see that what they did,was meant more than something for all of us.

For All the Soldier  —– ” Salute”