Sabse Bada hai Rog,kya kahenge log

”zindagi me kuch naya ni karunga””(won’t do anything new) “”kyunki pta nahi log kya kahenge”(as I don’t know what would they say) This line has spoilt, God knows, how many lives, ideas, people. I want to do that, but would I get societies acceptance??I want to marry a girl of different Religion/caste/colour, would they allow?? … Continue reading Sabse Bada hai Rog,kya kahenge log


Let it Go

I had been asked to Wait, at least i felt so, But sometimes some-things aren't meant to happen, and you just have to LET IT GO. whether its your latest dream, or someone you loved, it needs a bigger heart, to say BYE to someone/something beloved. Should i try one more time??, oh please!! one more time, Please! Its … Continue reading Let it Go