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Why Only “Y”(Female Foeticide)

I didn’t want an X,

was craving for a Y;

as I want to live outside

and now, I just might die.

They say they don’t differentiate,

a cold-blooded lie;

They say they would be happy,

huh! only if they sincerely try.

They will either leave me alone,

in a space sparsely prone;

or would poke in a pin,

as if my birth would be a deadly sin.

Hey, dad!

I am yours, don’t blow me away;

I would be better than a son,

in any way, you say.

Hey, granny!

Don’t you want to

comb my hair and oil;

and I would be a budding plant,

with you as my soil.

Everybody loves their Mom,

and thanks her for everything they get;

l could also be a Mom one day,

but only if they let.

If money is the reason you hesitate,

I would find myself a selfless groom;
or would work to feed your appetites.

either by books or broom.

Hey, God!

If I come back to you again,

please make me a bee;

as they truly understand,

the privilege of having a ‘she’.

And please, I request you not to give,

anyone a girl;

Until they realize their mistake,

that they have neglected a pearl.

A lady was in the operation theatre; she was expecting. Her family members were waiting outside, panicking with each stroke of the clock. As soon as the nurse came out, the entire family went into despair. As the news, which had come out, was nothing less than a sort of despair for the family.

No! No!

You are guessing it wrong. Both the mother and her child have made safely through the operation, but it was the child that has changed the winds of emotions.

“It’s a Girl,” the nurse said.

And mother’s life was never the same.She had to hear a lot of cursing from her mother-in-law to start with, followed by a river of sarcasms, abuses, belittling in front of others and an endless torture until she delivered a ‘Boy’ in her next delivery.

This was the scene till 1980’s. But due to the increasing advancement in Medical science, and the increasing use of Foetal Sex Determination, and Sex-Selective Abortions coming into the picture, the safe period (gestation) for the girl foetus observed a decline. And Guess what? Till 1991, it almost became a 1000 crore market in the medical profession. In India, which is highly a patriarchal society, where the preference was always a son, this technology became a boon for many. And, it’s sad that the situation is still the same in some parts of our country.

If you are thinking why such a ridiculous partiality exists, then it would be appropriate to say that a child is no longer a God’s Gift, but an investment, where a son would bring in money in the form of earnings and a daughter would take away the savings in the form of DOWRY.

A girl child is termed as “PARAYA DHAN” and an obligation that God has imposed on them. Furthermore, some people went to say that you had debts in your previous births, that’s why you are cursed with a girl. <Bloody losers.>

Are you seriously kidding me? What kind of hypocrisy is this?

They are willing to worship,

Lakshmi Mata for Money,

Saraswati Mata for Knowledge,

Kali Mata for Protection Against the Evil,

Even worship cow and term it as GAI Mata,

But, they curse when they get a girl child.

“”Slow Claps for such people””

Do they think these all Goddesses would bless them after such a behaviour? I have my doubts on this.

Girl, who has always been treated as the second-sex, is considered like a thing which is not only incomplete, but not beneficial at all. Oh yeah, Money!!! It’s always about the money, isn’t it?

“I don’t want a Girl”

But why not?

“They are expensive.”

What do you mean?

“I will raise them, nurture them, find a good groom and house for them, give dowry for them, but what will I get in return?”

Excuse me?

“Yeah, what’s my ROI? (return on investment)”


Are you fucking serious?

Yes, congratulations to all of us. With huge shame and sorrow, I have to say that now everything has an ROI.

In 2011, around 15,000 women were the victim of Human Trafficking. And guess where they were trafficked too? To the areas suffering from a lack of women, due to Female Foeticide. Ironical, isn’t it?

Men need women for Purpose. Let it be, to feed him when he is young, to bear him in her womb, to help him grow from a child to man, for sex and other pleasures. But when it comes to give back, he seeks a fucking ROI! Sound inhuman, but it happens.

When I was growing up, I heard a lot of news about women suffering from domestic violence: raped by a relative, beaten by her husband, lit up into flames by her mother-in-law and mistreated; and when she beseeched solace from her paternal home, most of the parents asked them to compromise.

Compromise beta compromise! You belong to them now. It’s a part of our Culture,” they say.

Are you saying we have a culture which totally differentiate against women and at the same time worship Goddesses?

Well, I have also read about our culture. And as it happens in Chinese Whispers, I think our culture is going through the same problem as it’s faced in the Game, where the outline is somewhat similar but the context is open for interpretation by the receiver. Due to which, over time and time, the women have suffered. And the problem begins to precipitate when they start thinking that they are born to suffer.

Yes, due to repeated assertions by their closed ones and the society, many women have started to accept this thing. Especially those who are uneducated or belong to a very poor family.

Now, I know you all would be wondering, why is this person stating things that we already know?

Oh yes, everybody knows the state of women in our society, but still besides a few programs, some politicians bragging about empowering them, and giving them a 49% voting thing, the scenario is still very much the same.

But why???

The thing is, everything mentioned above looks good on paper, a kind of start that would rekindle the fire of hope for women, but still something is missing. The most important ingredient, the salt of the dish,

“” Our mindset””

Charity always begins from home. We have to change our mindset, each one of us.

  • The Money Seeking Lagoons, who just raise their sons to get a handsome dowry, get a life. If you just want money, buy a piece of land instead. It’s in Fashion nowadays.
  • The Parents who raise their girls as an obligation or debt, please love them more. They love you more than her brother ever would.
  • The guys who treat women as an instrument of pleasure, “what goes around definitely comes around”, they aren’t here for your entertainment.
  • And to some women who spoil the name of other women (just like a bad fish in a pond), your sisters are getting hurt. At least stop doing that for their sake.

Guys, after a few years, we won’t be around but our practises and values live for ever. We should start doing our bit, so that at least in future, a girl would be proud to be born as a girl, and we could smile from wherever we are, that our daughters, or sisters are now safe…..:)

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