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have u cried lately?????
crying!!! tears!!

as soon as the doctors open the doors and let us enter this beautiful world the first ever emotion experienced by us is “crying”.
and its funny that it does make everyone happy.

later in life we come across a lot of things and believe it or not,somtimes tears are the best way to know what a person is feeling.

is the feeling deep or not and is its coming straight from the heart or not ,(
unless they are crocodile’s tears).

so are tears a symbol of only pain and sorrow???

hmmm to many of us they are.whenevr we see a person crying the first thing that comes to our mind is whats wrong??why is he upset.???
but thats not the case according to me.

i think like every part of our body which has someway or the other to express our emotions like :-
punching the air,orlaying down lifelessly( hands),
laughing out loud or abusing (mouth)
salvating tonque on seeing somthing delicious and various activities in our reproductive organs to express desires etc

the same way our eyes have tears to say it all.

“”tears do come with joy, and do come when u r sad,
do come when u need someone
and do come when u get somthing that
u never had.””

evryone laugh when they get success,punch the air when it comes after too much struggle,abuses ,scream when they fight against the odds and win,,but when ur dreams come true doing anything seems to be worthless but to be in that moment.
feel the moment,and just let tears come out.

i dont remember the times i have cried because of pain,bruises,or due to some other sorrow,but i do rember the times i cried when either the reasons were unknown or due to an extreme feeling of ecstasy.

i just didnt realize that i was crying at that moments,its the feel of tears on my cheek that made me realize that i was crying.
when it happen for the first tym when i was 8(when my mom came out of deadly disease alive),i just thought why the hell i was crying as in school we were taught that we are supposed to smile when we are happy and cry only when we are sad.

sad????? no way in this world.i had my mom back u cant compare that feel with anything less than perfect in this world and still all i had was tears in my eyes, and the joy that i was experiencing was out of this world.


when i grew a little older and again i had a similar experince of tears that day i realized that tears just not symbolizes sadness but sonthing that is true,very true.

u can fake some1 with ur smile easily but its very hard to hold tears when they come self invited.

now i would like to tell you about one more category of tears which combines everything in it…
“”tears with silence””

this tears are the most inscrutable ones as i think they come straight from the heart.not because u are screaming of pain due to some health issue,or due to small small issues we face in our daily life.

they simply comes when something truly touches our heart ,either in a good or bad way.

and those emotions touches us so deeply,,that i think tears become the best way to express them.

why holding them back?????

Man>!!! dont hold them back.its not a advice but a request.let them come out.if u r feeling bad den it will make u lighter and if u feeling happy den u wud cherish those drops and wud wait for them to come again in ur life.

its funny isnt it???
in schools we learn something else but the school of life teaches us everything on its own terms.
not only they help us releasing our emotions but sometimes they also let us know the true worth of something/someone in our life.

they might not able to analyse things rationally but when it comes to emotions they are the best. u might be able to analyze whats bettr for u and what wud complete your life,,but certainly the things whithout which u r incomplete are identified easily by our eyes.

u wont have tears while fantasizing Megan fox ,but u wud have if the girl whom u love the most is holding ur hand and lying her head on ur shoulders 😉

its a fact that our heart never uses our brain to think has a thinking mechanism of its own,,and u cant judge it or argue it, just go with it and feel it.

may be u would get to know somthing that even our brain wasnt able to analyze with all the rational power and analyzing each and every prospect.

hehe ,too much on tears isnt it.but its true .
whenever someone ask me ,that when do anyone realizes that something/someone is worth risking or giving everything u have???
then i just say that close ur eyes and just think of things u r confused with..and choose not the one that makes u think but choose tht one tht makes u blink.may be that thing would be just for a phase,,but that phase wont be easy to rephrase again in ur life.

we have 1 life,and sooner or later we wud find many things that could complete us but certain pieces are those unique ones around which our whole life surrounds ,

“”dont loose them””

as u would have many moments in which u wud laugh like hell,and u wud have many a people to support u,,but when u get those tears of silence,,due somthing/someone lost just because u dint give it a try… u just have urself to blame and an endless universe to stare and search for the reasons that made u do so.

its not always that u would get each and everything that means so so much,,but all what matters is that u gave it a try and those tears dint go in vain.


if there is a thing that makes u cry everytime u think i wont be doing this den dont leave it,,postpone it if its a critical time but do it atleast once b4 u die.,

if there is a person that makes u cry everytime u think of going away from them,then do tell them their importance as the burden of not expressing would be more than not having them anyway.

and believe me on this, u wud feel immense happiness,not only when u get the desirable result but also in giving it a try,even if the results arnt in ur favour,u wont b at a total loss.

everyone says that we came crying and wud try to leave laughing,,but i crsly think that the feel of doing evrything that i can( if i could )wud make my eyes wet again.


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