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When I had no place to stay,
Someone lent her womb to lay;
When I had no one to share,
Someone lent me their ears;
When I was completely shattered or emotionally battered,
Someone smiled and took the pain away.

Relation!!!!! One of the biggest drug of our life!
Wheather we admit it or not.

We have loads of work at our disposal, loads of tensions, thousands of things that we have dreamed of and many emotions that are either striving or relieved. But do we ever give ourselves a chance to understand the depth of any relation? Most of the times we don’t.

What is a relation?
A relation is a bond, a thread, a feel that can be easily misconstrued in the midst of all the fakeness that surrounds us, but, no matter what, we always know deep inside that we share something intangible; something that is so abstract that even we dont know and somtimes say what the hell it is………….>!!1
its kind of funny but i think when god made the whole world he made some people in sets and dispersed the members of the set whenever we come across someone from our own set we feel like……..

“”tera mujhse hai pehle ka nata koi,yu hi nahi dil lubhata koi”” heheh……..:D:D

but the one thing i have realized that we do wrong is “naming them”……..
he is my best frnd,he is just a time pass frnd,she is my girl frnd ,she is just a frnd……..i just have respect for him,,i dont care “” marrrrrja kahi ja ke””” and all,,,,and its not that its wrong to call someone what they are but it somtimes makes a boundry that no matter how hard u try is difficult to cross.

we all have a thing which we name as “heart”,and it doesnt know good or bad,,,,,it just know tht u need someone or not…and when it says tht u need someone in ur life,that what i call a true relationship…
the bond between a mother and her child can never be explained,but as its said the beauty is in the eye of the beholder,the more better u could perceive,the more beauty u could see/feel in that…:)

and now the most important phase,as we term it of our childhood and teenage life,,,,,,,,,,,,,””frnds”””
we make many frnds,,,,,,metro frnd,feeder frnd colny frnd,institute frds,college grp,vella grp but in midst of those there are some mental people whome our heart says”” dont go apart as u r now my part”””…..

somtimes we do get ourself wrong in understanding what is it???
is it just a phase frnd.just the care i have,is it love,???? and den after deciding one thing we proceed and start behaving in that way….and it happens as before feeling or living it,we want to name it.
isnt it wrong????

why are we trying to spoil the feel by naming it???

like every other person i also have done it many a times……..and ya it has affects u very much………and somtimes it even spoiles the most beautiful relation of your life…

dont do that,!!!
dont let it spoil your relation……..
just live with it ,feel it,love it and everything would feel so out of this world that you would thing,was it neccessary to name it ……..:)

the essence of having a relation cannot be compared with anything.even a billionare when alone seeks for momentary pleasures as may be he has loads of money but not a single penny which cud buy him a true person………….

so value the relations in your life,,dnt use name, dnt say unwanted things ,just be we that person and let heart do the talking,,,,as when heart talks, and the other heart could hear i too,it wont need a name too address…….

live it,feel it,love it,as they are there to make ur life beautiful………..:D:D

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