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Pick or fall

pick oh dear pick!!!
u have been given the chance,
don’t cry as it was suppose to happen,
as u haven’t pick it,
when u had a glance.

the stone that matters,
the one for u,
may b its not glittering now,
but would when touched by u.

the hallucinations around,
wont let u choose easily,
would glitter and appear
more precious now

but for u it would be nothing
but a piece of stone,
better don’t choose,
or one day it would
make u feel alone.

and then u wish to fall back,
and have the stone,
that should have been picked
in the last chance,
but u chose something else,
as it looked better in a careless glance.

its better late than never ,
sometimes fall is also a favor,
done to let u pick,
the right stone,,

as its a different feel to fight,,

when u know your stone wont leave u alone……

have you been fallen lately????

not for a girl but from a height,after which u might be thinking that everything is lost etc etc etc,but my dear friend as BUDDHA had said

“” no matter how hard the past is,you can always have a new begin”

sometimes somethings happen just to take you at the right place at right time and we often don’t realize the importance of that step at that very moment.
but after a few years when all your stars get align (as other people say when you get success),you would say
“” thank you god for that fall””

i know its better said than done,but give it a try..
stand again fight again and just go by your instinct s someone has said,,,

deep inside you somebody knows what will be good for you,just believe have faith
and one thing more,

Forgiving is a very good habit,and charity begins at home,so instead of blaming others who have pushed you of the edge, do give yourself at least one chance,one risk as you only have one life to do it all….

as after some years down the line,when you teach your child something on dreams and will to do big in life,be ready for the question
“” tell me about your dreams and life??””
and believe me that silence would make you feel like,why the hell i haven’t taken the chance when i had the time. and its said its never too late but sometimes it is actually to late…

and those who would say “what about security”,”what about conventional path”, den ya you are right but there is no security brother as if an uncertainty has to happen then it can happen at any time anywhere even to the most secured person,so whats the point.

“”just believe in yourself and have faith as everything indeed happens for a reason,its just that you have to make that reason happen”…….

and know this thing that the first step towards anything big in this life is FAITH,,,
have it:):):) in yourself and in that supreme power:)

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