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Have you ever Laughed at a Fat person?

“Hey you, FAT ASS, give me some space! I need to sit.”

With my eyes playing HIDE AND SEEK,
And my heart feeling so weak,
I shifted inside,
with a sense of having lost my pride.

“Hey, Fatty, how are you?”

“Oye, is it your Chest or your Brest?”

“Would you like to have something? Oh, I meant EVERYYTHINGGG!”

And many more words with a grin over their face….

I had heard these lines for 13 years, and it changed me as a person.

In this society where the first impression is the last impression, a person’s dress is more welcomed than his soul. No matter how good a person is, if she’s fat, she has given everybody an open invitation to come and scoff at her.

Have you ever laughed at a person, just because he’s fat?

Don’t lie!
Chances are that you might have.

But how would you feel if someone laughs at you because you have failed miserably, or because someone duped you, or because you have problems in bed, or just because you have problems in learning?

Oh ya, everybody doesn’t know that? But what if they did and started laughing?

Gimme a break! Some of these are medical problems.
I understand.

But being fat is not always a choice (sometimes may be), and just because their problem is visible, doesn’t mean it’s a joke.

As you don’t know how bad a person could feel.

I still remember those embarrassments in classes; in morning assemblies; while purchasing dress and finding my size isn’t available; when I sat and my trousers gets torn apart. All this while ignoring those laughs which I knew were meant for me.

Initially, I tried to accept the way it is, but later I learned there are things you can’t accept. At least, not without trying to change them first.

Fortunately, in my case, I succeeded.
The weight that I had put on after a disease and subsequent terrible eating habits couldn’t stand in front of my will to get in shape.

But, you know, many couldn’t. My cousin worked very hard too, but her metabolism never allowed her to lose weight.
She cried.
And I knew her eyes asked questions that why her body is not responding willingly to her desires.
But I had no answers then.

Gladly, she found her way too, a few years later. But this whole incident changed my perception towards obese people.

Obesity is not a choice, sometimes it’s a condition. And being a good human, all we can do is have some empathy.

I have seen girls starving and vomiting after meals to reduce weight.
I have seen people going under depression; I was under some, for getting ridiculed now and then.

And I know if you have never been there, you won’t understand it. But please try and think:

If your laugh could make someone cry,
And makes her living a question,
Not about HOW but WHY,

Would that make you happy?

And to my friends, who still haven’t chosen the journey from fat to fit,
I know there is a whole talk about accepting the way you are, but eating healthy and having a regular work out session would transform your personality, both physically and psychologically. (Accept it only when nothing could be done)

It would cut down a lot of diseases from your life and add a lot of confidence.

And if you are finding it difficult, consult any licensed nutritionist. Maybe it’s your metabolism or something else that’s causing all the fuss and they would help you, for sure. (My cousin reduced 12kgs in 3 months through that where she reduced just 2 in 5 years through other things.)

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