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How to know when it’s time to Move On?

Today, I will write about the 2 words we hear almost after every tragedy in our lives, “MOVE ON”.

Is it really that simple?
Or, is it just a way to console yourself that future would be better?
Or, just like those things which are easy to say but very hard to implement?

I don’t know how many times I have said it to others, but I do remember how hard it was for me, TO SAY THEM TO MYSELF.

Saying to others is sometimes just showing sympathy; as you really care for that person. However, when you are the patient, it’s a lot harder. Emotions always come in between.

You know what’s right for you, but still…

It’s kind of funny and weird but that’s what life sometimes becomes, a tricky game where you know how to play but still couldn’t play that way.

The second main thing is to know HOW TO DO IT?

As, if it was too easy then the jobs of psychiatrists would certainly be in danger.
No, neither it’s easy and nor there is a particular way to handle it. Like different diseases require different medicines, the same way, moving on seeks different paths in different circumstances.

Moving on is easy only in those cases where your HEART is out of the picture. As when your HEART GETS HURT, then even moving a single step forward becomes “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE”.

Thereby, for all the cases that involve HEART:-

Sometimes you have to DESTROY, and sometimes you have to PRESERVE.
and it’s your heart which should make the call between the two.

To destroy what you have dreamt of,
to forget what was your life,
to see an altogether new picture,
and discovering a new world after sleep.


To hold on to what you really want,
to accept which can tear you apart,
to be strong and happy within when
you know something inside is missing.

We all have heard of the DESTROY version, but sometimes you can’t destroy it as you already have given your soul to it.

And all you can do is to ACCEPT whatever has happened.

I know it’s very hard to accept, as presently, your life is all around that thing or that person, but the day you accept it, in whatever way you can, everything gets normal again, and after a while, you will get PEACE inside yourself.

You can guide your brain, but heart has its own perspective. It doesn’t decide logically, but truly. It knows what you really love, and it just starts following that.

So, if you are facing a hard time and you don’t know why, and you are blaming yourself for being true, being honest, being what you are then please don’t be, as sometimes blessings do come in disguise, to move you from what YOU DESIRE to what you DESERVE.

And believe this, sometimes what you deserve is much better than what you desire.


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