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hey God

Hey GOD!!

Hey God, am sorry
I don’t come every day
To Your home, they say
You dwell there, they say

Hey God, am sorry
I don’t donate there,
Just a soft prayer
From a heart so sincere

Hey God, am sorry
For the evil I do,
But whatever I do,
my apologies would be true.

Am not good with Fasts.
they say, an Iconoclast is near.
Am not good in performing rituals,
they ask, don’t you have GOD FEAR

I do Fear, I do
but it’s just I Wanna Love more,
and a boat is not respecting its creator,
if it’s keep on licking the shore

I Believe in touching my heart,
whenever the things don’t go well,
I believe in breaking someone’s forced Fast,
instead of just ringing the Sacred Bell.

I can’t help it,
It’s what I believe
I want to love you ,
But not out of Greed

You gave me life,
You give me peace,
A Guardian indeed,
is what I need.

You are intangible,
but I can feel you everywhere,
In GF’s smile, Nature’s Style,
And Mom’s Anguish Stare.

They are very smart,
Quite an entrepreneur, I must say
For your blessings and forgiveness
JUST PAY, they say.

Perceptions I tell you,
Are we really on the right way???

Well, first, the question, which most of us have a self-satisfying answer to,
who is God?
Where is he?
Who made him the Supreme power? and so on…..

Well, Am not a Priest, or any seeker who has travelled and searched the depths of this. I just believe what I believe. Am not an Atheist. (well I doubt on the very existence of this word).

Theist, panatheist, ahmmm well……yup that wud be fine.

An Iconoclast??
Ahmm not exactly, but sometimes my actions do for the Oxford meaning of this word.

God to me is someone or something, who is responsible for my existence. Who gave me life, may be all the good things I ever had, strength to pass the roads less travelled by, Someone/something I can thank for everything Good(well sometimes I do forget), blame for all my miseries(never forget this part),seek for forgiveness for the sins, peace in times of distress, in every love emotion, in Miracles, its Anger in Natural Calamities,and Divine Nature.
Now,the main word up there is BELIEVE.
GOD is someone/something, we believe.
If you believe in his human form, it can be Jesus,Krishna,Allah etc,
If you are agnostic, you believe in some force or the term”UNIVERSE”, so deep so mysterious then that is God For you.
If you believe in some plant, animal, stone, river, mountain etc then that is God For you.
Something or anything you believe in. I remember when I had to lose weight, I had a Picture Of Hrithik Roshan. And I worshiped him. He was God In the form of inspiration for me.
Hehe,funny…..but it’s as true as the fact that our belief has the power of making Anything/anyone as God for us. Even an Atheist(as they say) believes in something/someone; It can be nature, their own ability, their parents, their Karma ,anything. They find their God in them.
IF you have a belief or Faith, my friend you have God on your side.
And these 2 things are very powerful.Belief is a form of energy that just Accumulates and ascends. Thatswhy when you go to someplace Divine,you feel so bliss,as many people has a faith that God lives there. and when you believe yes he does,

“”HE DOES””.

Now comes the Iconoclast part.Well I am not against traditions,rituals as that’s what our culture is all about.And we indeed have a very Good culture.We are living in a land of Miracles.Well, Aliens spaceships may land in US (according to their Movies) but it’s a Fact that when anyone lost their path in life,they seek their solace here.
But amid of Rising insecurities, fear, we have started pleasing God not through our Actions but through a manmade wonder, OUR PRECIOUS,MONEY(:P).Do this,5 liters of milk, hundreds and thousands of “Chadawa”,or God will get Angry ,you won’t get his Forgiveness etc etc. This entrepreneurs, or what they call themselves ,”senders of God”, are such orators and are doing such a Great business.
Recession…hahahhh .their business never see this period.They know how to work.IF everything is Good,pay for blessings and as Gratitude , otherwise for forgiveness, As simple as that.
“Dharma ko dhanda bana dia hai”
I you are going to a place of worship,then first lighten your pockets.Candels,diyas,Agarbatti,Coconut,Milk,Oil etc and if you don’t ,you would get to hear…..
“he would feel bad”

What ???Seriously??would he feel bad,that his creation doesn’t spend some pieces of green paper on him, or do you think by spilling some money in “Donation Box”, you would get free from your sins, And your Safe Would Remain Full Forever??
Well ,I don’t think he needs our money. Mind you it’s him who has given you everything you have.
He needs our service.
Unfortunately, everyone is not fortunate enough at some part of their lives are devoid of even the basic Amenities. And do you know who is God for them??
Anyone who comes and help them. they see the shadow of God in them. They thank him and god at the very instant.
It’s a Pathetic but true Fact,that we can spend thousands of our money and hours of our time on fun,donations in temples,Chadawas, but when it comes to help someone in need, a beggar for instance,
Are you insane,even a 10 rs note is too much.He made everyone with same hands,but still we call some people as Untouchables.

How cool is that!!
We go to His house with clean clothes, but our souls are full of deceit ,who gives a thought to that anyway….
Fasts!! Sacrifice of animals!! Well 2 other things that is totally overhyped and misunderstood.
Fasts are a way to gain control over your desires. But nowadays, everybody thinks,
“Fast a day, and blessings will be your way”. looks like a scheme more than a ritual.
Hehe,Food is in your mind ,the whole day.Constantly ,blaming your mother for forcing it upon you, visualizing yourself eating food, just waiting for the day to get over, so that you can eat ,Wont serve the purpose.
The idea behind was to Control,not to force or crush due to some scheme you worked out with him(nice wife,promotion etc) or due to force from parents.And the irony is they do works sometimes.Not because God is happy of what you did but because he loves you,without any scheme,without any
Greed,but just one simple thing,
“””love him back””He is very rich,he doesn’t need your money,sacrifice of animals,carring perfunctory rituals instead help those who are not able to receive his help at this moment.Well I am no one to say that mending your ways like this are going to help the same way your Chadawa might have worked.But when you do this,their smile would make your day.
And it’s a well proven fact,
”what you sow is what you reap” Its our belief that makes God possible in our lives,but when we mix it with love and service,then he becomes visible in our Actions.he is amorphous,and is present everywhere.
From the tip of leaf to an universe so deep,he is everywhere.
Just believe,and love him for his love not out of fear…
God bless you all………….:)

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