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Can’t get over your Crush?

Oh man, she is damn hot!
“I’m in love“”

I’m just wondering how many times we come across this line, either by our close buddies or by ourselves.

At an ice cream parlour, at a beach, in a MALL, in our neighbourhood, in our college etc wherever, whenever and yes whomsoever.

They are just like magnets wandering in the sea of nails of various shapes, sizes and materials.

And then I think it’s JUST OUR NATURE TO REACT.

Different magnets have different effects on us. Some (SEXY) make us desperately ferromagnetic; some horny ones make us ferrimagnetic; some not-interested leave us paramagnetic and a few makes us irritated diamagnetic.

They have two poles, LOVE (north) and LUST(south), and it’s often the case that we don’t know which pole is ATTRACTING US TOWARDS IT.
Which leads to the formation of a CRUSH (which most of the time crashes).

Whenever we get attracted, we term it as a crush. Sometimes it’s pure lust (have seen the latest cover of that magazine) but with people that surround us, it often leads to a confused state.


Yeah, hell of a confusion. Keeping yourself engaged in her thoughts, dreaming of being with her, holding hands, kissing her etc, and in a way getting so attached that even a little separation would hurt like someone has poked Your heart. (Has it happened?)

And we keep asking, what is it?
And our fucking mind always says, Man, you are in love.

But when that confusion breaks, either “Oh hell, it was nothing more than infatuation,” or “not again, Why I always fall for the wrong girl” or in most cases “oh god take me away, my life is over”.

Either you feel free, depressed or it doesn’t matter at all!

But the thing is, it matters!

Whatever it is, it leaves an effect on you, whether you admit it or not. And if (once in a blue moon) it was love and just it in its purest form then ahm.

I think the effect is indelible.

But it doesn’t mean to stop living, or I should rather phrase it as “don’t stop loving”.

Because as much as oxygen is required to live literally,
Love is required to live beautifully.

You can’t live your whole life crying over someone, and also not by keep criticizing them. As sometimes even two very good people coudn’t go well together, so what’s the point of blaming the counterpart if it didn’t work out.

I think god has made our hearts like puzzle pieces, so even if the other piece is perfect, it’s not necessary that it would fill your void or complement with you to form the complete picture.

So if it’s anything but love (and you know it) and got crashed, don’t get dishearten.

It has happened to teach you something or the other or may be because to “err is to human” ( as we have a tendency towards south pole too;)

And if it’s true one, then just do your bit and let her go, as
love is not a cage where you trap someone, but it’s the belief that even when the entire sky is available to it, it won’t go away.


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