Why Only “Y”(Female Foeticide)

(Poem by a foetus in her mother's Womb) I didn't want an X, was craving for a Y; as I want to live outside and now, I just might die.   They say they don't differentiate, a cold-blooded lie; They say they would be happy, huh! only if they sincerely try.   They will either leave me alone, … Continue reading Why Only “Y”(Female Foeticide)


It’s never too late

So never give up on your dreams, no matter what, accept what you can’t change, but keep moving forward. If you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, if you can’t even crawl, keep moving your hands and legs, as it would keep the flame of hope alive.

Pick or fall

"" tell me about your dreams and life??"" and believe me that silence would make you feel like,why the hell i haven't taken the chance when i had the time. and its said its never too late but sometimes it is actually to late...


when i had no place to stay, someone gave her womb to lay, when i had no one to share, someone lend me their ears, when i was completely shattered or emotionally blattered, someone smiled and took the pain, and let me enjoy rainbow in midst of heavy rain...... in this journey i made some relations.. that for me are beyond any explanation...........


Hey you FAT ASS give me some space, I need to sit!!!!And with my eyes playing HIDE AND SEEK,And the heart feeling so weak,I shifted inside,With a sense of having lost my pride. Hey fatty how are you???Hey is it a Chest or a Brest??Would you like to have something??oh I m sorry, I meant “”EVERYTHING””….. … Continue reading obesity